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I wanted a simple web-based, mobile friendly flashcard tool that wasn't cluttered up with ads, dancing animals, and colorful gimicks. It may sound old-fashioned, but when I was a kid flashcards were printed on plain 3"x5" cards. I learned best when a parent helped to quiz me, and I was never rewarded with a distracting jingle or cartoon. When I had kids of my own, I began looking for the latest technology-powered educational advances and was both amazed and disappointed by the number of apps which pretend to be educational tools, but are in reality simple games. While I'm a big fan of games (even educational ones), the fact that I couldn't find any acceptable substitutes for a good old deck of flashcards was disheartening. So rather than get to work on piles of bulky index cards, I decided to chop down a digital tree (better that than a real one) and put together the exact tool that I wanted.

SwipeCards is a collection of ridiculously simple browser-based flashcards. Just use the arrow keys, control pad, or swipe to advance through the deck. Decks can be "shuffled" or kept in order. They don't keep score, and they don't tell you if you're right or not, because they're not meant as a game. They are meant as a tool for parents and educators to use with a child.


Whole numbers from 1-10
20 random whole numbers from 1-100
20 random whole numbers from 1000-10000
Fractions <1 for denominators 2-10
100 Addition problems
45 Subtraction problems
100 Multiplication problems
100 Division problems
Times tables from 1-10


Basic shapes
Colored shapes
Analog Clocks


ABCs: Lowercase
ABCs: Uppercase
ABCs: Uppercase + Lowercase
Days of the week
Month names
Dolch Reading Words: Pre-Primer
Dolch Reading Words: Primer
Dolch Reading Words: 1st Grade
Dolch Reading Words: 2nd Grade
Dolch Reading Words: 3rd Grade
Dolch Reading Words: Nouns
Phonics List: ab, ad, am
Phonics List: ack, and, ash
Phonics List: ail, ain, air
Phonics List: ake, ate
Phonics List: ale, ame, ay
Phonics List: all, aw
Phonics List: an, ap, at
Phonics List: ank, ink
Phonics List: ar, ark, art
Phonics List: eck, ell, est
Phonics List: ed, en, et
Phonics List: in, ip, it
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